Consultation Centre

During three days an consultation center at China Machinery Fair will provide Russian small and medium sized enterprises with free advice on trade and logistic issues, customs clearance processes, leasing, signing contracts, also it will give the information about financial-banking cooperation.
Mobilier de Maison LLC
The company was established in 2011 as an importer of furniture in styles of Provence, Loft, Art Deco, furniture in the traditional style of Chinese artisans, with building up a developed dealer network. Nowadays Mobilier de Maison LLC dealer network consists of more than 70 shops all across Russia. Mobilier de Maison LLC provides its clients with comprehensive services in the field of furniture trade. Any on-line or off-line shop, designer, restaurant or cafe owner may do justice to the advantages of the cooperation with Mobilier de Maison LLC such as regularly updated warehouse management software, thorough preselling preparation, recommended retail prices control and high commercial viability of selected goods.
Silk Way
Trade and entertainment gallery "Silkway" is the basis for the international trade platform «China Brands", established with the support of the dignitaries from Russia and China. The main objective of this major business hub is to provide access of high-quality factory products from China to the Russian market. "China Brands"is a contemporary shopping and warehousing areas, as well as a set of services to facilitate the work of Chinese partners in Russia. Working together with the logistics center "TLC Yuzhnouralsky", "Silkway" delivers goods from China to Moscow through a new route, 4 times faster than traditional logistics schemes
"Arsenal Otechestva" Magazine
Arsenal Otechestva (National Arsenal) is officially accredited by the Ministry of Defence of the RF, with the status of an official partner of the Commanders Club of the RF. Arsenal Otechestva is established to support the development of the Military-Industrial Complex, the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation. Provides information support in the field of military construction and innovative development of Industry. Forms an independent opinion on these problems. The Magazine is mailed to authorities, public administrations and enterprises of the Military-Industrial Complex.
As VIP Consulting
The company provides:
- Wide range of legal services;
- Financial consulting;
- Ready-made business;
- Accounting and recomendations on tax payments' economy;
- Attorney support services (including general directors' assistance at tax bureau;)
- Business management consulting.
Association of Small and Medium-Sized Exporters
Association of Small and Medium-Sized Exporters is an professional union of exporting companies, which are interested in sales development in global market. It has representative offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and also its own research and information agency.
VIP Logistics
"VIP Logistics" is a logistic company located in Moscow, which has been providing a wide range of services in the field of international transport logistics and customs clearance for 12 years. It is also a transport-import company, trading on behalf of its clients.
Increase Way Russia
Increase Way is a Russian-Chinese special industrial engineering holding, which has been working with Chinese industry and retail for more than 17 years in the following categories:

- Door-to-door delivery and complete engineering of hi-tech factories and mills, production lines, equipment, machine tools, railroads, agriculture and automotive special machines and their parts all across Russia without middlemen;
- Goods and resources export from Russia and CIS countries to Chinese retail and industrial companies without middlemen;
- Localization of Chinese production in Russia;
- Ecological inventions' commercialization in China.
"InformUpak" Online Magazine
Industrial online magazine "InformUpak" is a big modern online platform for packaging industry and related sector. Consolidation of packaging market's information at one comfortable resource is the aim of the magazine. "InformUpak" has achieved good results for a year and a half and now provider its readers with an overall picture of the market. With having a huge catalog, which is updated with more companies every day, the platform contains news, articles and enterviews with industrial experts, which allows to watch the changes in packaging industry not only in Russia, but also abroad and to stay current on the latest updates.
Besides, "InformUpak" possess an unique service for Russian Internet named «UpackNet". It allows all people concerned to follow the changes in any type of products in packaging market.
RTL Broker
RTL Broker is a full-service international logistic provider, a huge custom broker in Russia and an operator of "Novoshakhtinskiy" customs-logistic terminal located in the south of Russia. The company also specializes in designing personal logistics solutions on any freight transportation by all means of transport. With having many years of experience in the market of international services and taking advantage of the Russian developing economy, RTL Broker creates new opportunities in logistics and implement the most creative ideas of clients.
WENS is the developer of professional solutions for conducting international business with China and other Asia - Pacific countries. WENS specialization is customs and transport logistics, the localization of production in China. Professional management of logistics and production processes creates an effective mechanism for international supply. Customers of the company can always count on stable quality of services and high level of professional responsibility.
MIRBIS is a multi-functional research and educational complex, which incorporates the Institute and the International Graduate Business School. MIRBIS provides study programmes for all levels of continuous professional education and development in economics and management: from Pre-bachelor course, Young Entrepreneurs School, Bachelor programmes, to Master and PhD courses, MBA, EMBA and DBA. All the delivered programmes are based on deep integration of research, education and business.
JIULONGFU offers cooperation in trade financing of import-export supplies. The company aims at promoting Russian-Chinese trade. It also strive to be the best Russian platform for efficient development of Russian-Chinese trade relations.
Intera - Custom Representative
  • Logistics chains development;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Simultaneous use of container, railway and air transportation in order to accelerate the movement of cargo and decrease transport costs;
  • Cargo customs clearance services;
  • Delivery of goods after customs clearance to the address of recipient;
  • Tracking of cargo location.
The company provides international trade financing under special terms without bond, different payment terms from foreign suppliers up to 120 days via financial instruments of international banks. It also offers international trade financing programs, bank guarantees for investment projects, composition of impersonal accounts in the USA, Signature Bank, NY.